Wooden Bi-Folding Doors

External Wooden Bi-Folding Doors

Our range of wooden bi-folding doors has been developed to meet our "durability by design" standard selecting durable timber species and ironmongery with profiles designed and assembled to allow drainage and ventilation.

Wooden Bi-Folding Door Specification

Designed specifically as an external wooden door, our sashes are 58mm thick as opposed to the standard 44mm. This additional thickness allows for improved locking systems, drainage and stability. Available with 24mm double glazed units, our bi-folding door system benefits from flush fitting sashes giving clean lines when open and closed.

Door Leafs

  • Our door leafs are manufactured from our 58mm thick residential section with 110mm wide stiles and 220mm bottom rails.


  • Our wooden bi-folding door pivots and carriers are manufactured using stainless steel and engineering grade plastics. Available in brushed stainless steel, a brass finish over the stainless steel finish, or powder coated to the required colour, we are able to tailor our products to suit your specification requirements.

Cill Detail:

  • A concealed self-draining cill for outward opening doors with an alternative solid timber cill.


  • Keyed or non-keyed "drop bolts" are fitted to the internal face and our residential door "Secured by Design" deadbolt locking system and security cylinder is fitted to the closing door.

Design Configurations:

  • Our standard range of wooden bi-folding doors allows an overall width of 7 meters and a maximum of 7 door leafs (panels). Maximum overall height is 2.70 meters. There is a range of panel and opening configurations. Please request details.

Structural Opening:

The opening lintel must be able to carry the dead weight of the door assembly.

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