External Wooden French Doors

External Wooden French Doors

Based on our wooden front door range and utilising the same innovative design features, our wooden French doors are the ideal solution to open up the rear of any dwelling. Our French doors feature a design that is both cost effective and practical for providing an opening that combines home and garden.

Wooden French Doors Specification

Benefiting from 58mm Door Sashes (as opposed to the standard 44mm), our wooden French door system incorporates 24mm double glazed units or solid timber panels. This additional thickness allows for improved locking systems, drainage and stability.

Locking System:

  • Utilising a three point dead-bolt lock complete with an anti-bump, anti-drill cylinder and cylinder guard, our locking system is proven to withstand the three main attack methods; bumping, drilling and snapping. The slave door is operated on finger bolts to the top and bottom.


  • High performance ball bearing hinges combine traditional aesthetics with modern technology. All products by Farrar Joinery Manufacturers are designed with the installer in mind.

Energy Efficiency:

  • We currently do not possess thermal calculations for our wooden French doors as a whole. We can however provide thermal performance data on specific products such as glass and are always willing to discuss specific project requirements.

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